But Who Is Canada?

Urbn Blab

I was talking to one of my past professors last week about Canadian identity. One sentence he said stuck out in my mind: ” what identity?” As dreary as this sounded, I really thought, damn this is true isn’t.  I have always considered myself to be a “proud” Canadian; I enjoy hockey, I like maple syrup, winter is pretty cool. But these are all so generic, dare I even say, American conceptions, of Canadians and what we represent as a nation. I decide to drive  a little deeper to see if I could define what makes Canada, Canada. This task was daunting, so I decided to get a foot hold by developing lists of what makes other countries who they are. I shied away from stereotypical qualities like French people smoke a lot and English people have bad teeth. Rather, I looked at cultural/historical examples of  “nationhood.”

I began with…

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