Social Media Caution

Looking back 10 years ago when I entered into the workforce I could have never imagined how I work today. Cell phones and the internet were common back then but connectivity in 2014 greatly surpasses those early experiences. Social media today has changed and evolved the way people interact with each other in the workforce. With Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other social media sites the ability for futher connectivity has never been greater.


However, there presents problems with connecting with a co-workers on these sites. People in their nature act differently based on the circumstance. What may appear like an innocent picture in the eyes of friends and family can to a co-worker appear inappropriate. Or even worse making comments complaining about issues in the office. Relationships, as I have learned, in the workforce are a precarious balancing act. So connecting on social media sites where our personal life is on display comes with the risk of affecting the work relationships. My advice. When in doubt stick with Linkedin. There is no harm in taking precaution when dealing with co-workers.


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