Rebranding in the Age of Social Media

Today like most days I went to the grocery store to get some treats for my co-workers.

I have a Highland Farms close by that I usually go to. However, to my surpise it was called Coppa with a new logo, tag line, and design.

I thought nothing of it as the products sold at my location were the same.

However, once I talked about the change with my co-workers they expressed confusion. Why the name change? Is it the same company?

To avoid any more confusion I suggested looking on the website to see what was going on. But to my surpise there were two websites up and running. One for Coppa and one for Highland Farm. They both had different locations listed. At the point I dropped the subject because I as a customer did not want to spend time researching the status of a grocery store.

I recall the name change Price Chopper did to Freshco. It was a seamless transtion making it a simple matter to make the connection to the new name with the old company.

This is ever more important in the age of social media to have a simple message throughout. Having a website, facebook, or twitter account with different names just shows a lack of understanding of the company’s image.
Time is not kind. Miscommunication can often negate the work already done.


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