When Social Media Doesn’t Work For You | LinkedIn

Just Communicate Social Media

A comment that I hear over and over again is: “Social media does not work.”

If your social media efforts aren’t producing any measurable results for your business, then there is a very good chance that you may not be using social media tools properly.

It is easy to misunderstand what the purpose of social networking is. Let’s start with a very important shift in your approach to your online persona. It’s the way you refer to and think about social media outlets. One of my clients, a very talented young photographer by the name of Jesse Starr, and I had a conversation about that very topic. Because he is a Millennial (and I am not) I wanted to know what his thoughts are about social media. He immediately said that nobody he knew would call it “media,” rather in his circles they refer to it as “networks.” That got…

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