Happy Birthday, Mark Zuckerberg: The 30 Things We’re Tired Of Seeing On Facebook (LIST)

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As Mark Zuckerberg celebrates his 30th birthday, it’s easy to gush about the accomplishments the billionaire has made during his short time on the planet. The Facebook founder has without a doubt changed the way we connect with people on the web — what better way to look at your friends’ sad lunch online or a TMI status? — but there are some downfalls to everyone’s favorite social media site.

While Facebook still remains in the lead as the most popular social network site, we’ve been forced to deal with self deprecating selfies, public breakups, and many more. With the head honcho celebrating the big 3-0, here are 30 things we should do away with on Facebook. After all, it would be the perfect present for Zuckerberg, you know, instead of a Candy Crush invite.

1.  Let’s do away with the couple profiles. They only prove that you have the obliviousness to force your…

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