Decisions are the cornerstone of business.

Being able to decide the projects you take, the hours you work, and the people you interact with would be the crowning achievement for me after work 50+ years in the workforce.

However, it is not lost on me the consequences of not being in a position to make decisions.

Following the directives of another after years and years can leave people with two options. Submit or struggle. By submitting people except their circumstances and live with it. By struggling people fight the circumstances they are in. Both scenarios will end in unhappiness.

Submit or struggle it doesn’t matter. It will not change the circumstances. By being in the system or fighting the system in the end the system wins.

The only solution when faced with the lack of decisions is to make decisions. Small decisions lead to bigger ones. Showing that you are able to handle additional responsibility or at least maintains a certain level of personal accountabilty.

Without this personal accountablity I have seen the affect of a lifetime in the shadows. Lack of making decisions in the end leads to angry people without a purpose.


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