The Erosion of Compassion

I was online researching social media trends when and a video came to my attention.

Someone posted a 55 second video while waiting in a hospital waiting room.

Based on the voice I assume it was a woman complaining that she had to wait for a doctor while a nurse was looking up getting a new car.

The person posted the video didn’t mention why they were in the hospital or the service they had received.

The main message was “our tax dollars at work” as if to say people who work in the public sector either be it in the government, police, nurses, doctors etc have an expectation that goes higher then the average employee.

Which is of course incorrect. In most cases these people are in life or death circumstances. The general public seems to view these jobs as if it were a tv show. In reality if my nurse needs to de-stress for 5 minutes before dealing with a violent person or has to help with a surgery please go ahead. 

Compassion for the day to day lives of the people we take for granted is in short supply.


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