Twitter Etiquette

Twitter is a mind field.

A great source for information and communication all while using only 140 characters.

However, what happens when so called ‘trolls’ attack you either by sending nasty comments or including your name in spam tweets.

Being on Twitter for four months has had it share of ups and downs.  I have learned early on that humour is the only option when dealing with people whose only pleasure is to spread negative comments.

In my case I posted a comment that someone took pretty badly. Over a course of a day they sent message after message trying to get me to respond as negative as they did.

The only way I got the troll to stop bothering me was to be funny and overly nice. Apparently it is difficult to bother someone who is being nice to you.

Time and time again I have seen negative conversation engaged on Twitter. In most cases both parties come out looking like fools for engaging the conversation.

So take it from me. Don’t engage negativity with negativity.



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