Total digital privacy no longer exists…

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The vast majority (80%) of US and UK adults aged 20-40 believe total privacy in the digital world no longer exists, although their concerns about data privacy have modestly reduced over the past two years, a new survey has revealed.

According to an online poll of 2,012 consumers by Accenture Interactive, the management consultants, a full 87% also believe there are no adequate safeguards in place to protect their personal information.

Furthermore, 70% of respondents believe businesses are not transparent about how their information is used and 68% say there is not enough transparency about what is being done with their data.

More than a third (39%) believe their data is being sold while 42% believe their data is being used by vendors and suppliers to provide them with relevant offers.

However, while consumers in both countries remain cautious about how their data is used, the survey uncovered moreā€¦

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