Ten Steps Ahead


The most important word in business.

In order to be competitive you can’t be sedentary or busy looking looking into the past.

Being able to plan ten steps ahead of your competition will ensure the long-term survival of your company.

Easier said then done.

How can one successfully maneuver yourself into the best possible position?

I have identifiedd three steps.

1) Research what is going on in the industry. People have the tendancy to reveal more than they should.

2) Look ahead. Often changes in manufacturing, standards, trends in different industries can be applied to your industry.

3) Excelerate at the right moment. Being able to make the move when your competition thinks they hold all the cards takes the courage to take a risk.

A calculated risk knowing your surroundings, seeing where your competition is going, and being able to move quickly to leave them in your dust.


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