Pinterest Becomes More Search Engine-Like With The Launch Of Guided Search On The Web


In April, Pinterest introduced a new way to narrow down what you’re looking for on mobile with the addition of a feature called “Guided Search,” which pops up related terms at the top of the screen after you enter in a keyword to start a search. Today, Guided Search is making its way to the web, with a few improvements in store as well.

The addition makes Pinterest on the web feel more like the visual search engine it’s becoming.

As a reminder, Guided Search is a feature that Pinterest built using its understanding of how various search terms are linked together. For instance, if you were to type in “Plants,” Pinterest might suggest other words to better filter your search, like “potted” or “for shade.” Or, in the example provided today, a search for “BBQ” might have you zeroing in on subcategories like “chicken,” “baked,” “recipes,” “marinade” and more.


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