3 Years Later, Google+ Drops Its Dumb Real Name Rule And Apologizes



Since Google+ launched, many have complained about the service’s requirement that users use their real names. Complaints grew ever louder once Google started pushing users to use Google+ for YouTube comments.

Don’t like your legal name? Using another name for safety or personal reasons? Just don’t want the Internet at large knowing your name but still want to amaze the world with your YouTube wit? TOO BAD. If using your real name wasn’t an option, Eric Schmidt reportedly suggested finding another social network.

The idea was that people would be less willing to leave awful comments under their real name. Instead, many legit commenters stopped commenting while many jerks just carried under their real name (or whatever Google thought was their real name.)

Three years later, Google is giving up on this battle. You can now use just about any name you please. They’ll presumably have some issue if…

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