An iPad App To Make All Your Selfies Go 3D


Itseez3D, the first app to partner with computer vision technology company Occipital, can turn any picture you take with your iOS camera into a 3D object. Naturally, I made one of the good sir Alex Wilhelm:

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 1.55.28 PM

And somehow I was convinced to get one of me as well:
Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 1.54.53 PMNote: it’s very odd to see yourself as virtual 3D. 

The app works by mounting the Structure Sensor to an iPad and then roving the camera eye every which way over the subject you are taking a 3D picture of.


You could theoretically take a 3D picture of yourself but you’ll have to be sure to get every angle, not blink and hold the camera steady. Best to get a friend to help you with this instead. But just think of all the fun you’ll have turning you and your friends into virtual characters for gaming…or bobble head dolls.

It works by uploading captured images into A…

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