Digital Hints Point Towards More Unified Windows Experience


A job posting and a LinkedIn page are driving conversation in the Microsoft-watching community this morning.

The job listing details a position on the “XAML team […] building the UI framework at the core of the ‘One Microsoft’ OS.” The goal of that team is to “[enable] developers to create UI that works well across all of [Microsoft’s] devices: phones, tablets, PCs, and the Xbox.”

‘One Microsoft OS’ is what the operating system group calls Windows, for what it’s worth. So that’s nothing too new.

The idea of creating a new UI toolset that allows developers to build more fluidly between device classes fits nicely into the narrative that we have long seen under construction, with Microsoft working to bring its various operating systems together, harmonizing both their core architecture, and their user interface experiences.

This is expected to continue with the company’s future Windows 9 operating system, which is often referred to…

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