Translating Paint-By-Numbers Social Media Strategy Gibberish

Shea-Cahir Consulting

If you run a business, why would you hire someone who speaks only in jargon and buzzwords? When it comes to social media strategy, there are a lot of people willing to write a list of “sure-fire ways” to make your social media presence “blow up” or “kick” or “rock.”

These are just some examples from the past week:

  • “7 Ways to Make your Video Stand Out on Pinterest”
  • “4 Easy Ways to Make Your Facebook Page Sing”
  • “6 Simple Steps to Owning Your Twitterverse”

To be fair, there is a method to the madness of writing listicles in a Buzzfeed style. Heck, my last blog post was broken into three parts and had a snappy headline.

If I’m an executive or a business owner, I don’t want to hear a long stream of buzzwords or jargon. I want to hear social media explained in a way that I understand…

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