Facebook Is Down On Web And Mobile [Update: It’s Coming Back After 20 Minutes]


Is Facebook Down? Why yes it is. [Update: Err, was. As of 1pm PST, service has returned to the US, Germany, and other places after a roughly 20 outage, though some users are still having trouble accessing the service.] Users reported the social network went down on web and mobile in the US as well as the UK, Germany, Thailand, Portugal, and other parts of the world at around 12:40pm PST. With earnings of $2.91 billion in Q2 2014, Facebook theoretically loses about $22,453 for every minute it’s down around the globe. However, since this was pretty prime browsing time for Facebook’s key markets in the West, it was likely losing a lot more. The 20 minute outage could have cost it around a half million dollars.

Downtime trackers showed the outages too. We’ve contacted Facebook for info about how widespread the problem was, and the cause, and when all…

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