How to Get the Most out of Complaining on Social Media

Jade Mitchell, writing

Who doesn’t love a good whine? Or wine…? Whatever.

Social media has given us direct access to brands and companies, which in turn has provided an effective channel to air our grievances to those brands and companies. It also allows you to make nasty comments to celebrities and struggling, satirical comedy bloggers you’ve never even met, assuming you’re a complete dickhead.

But here’s what I think a lot of people might not realise- most companies outsource their community management to an advertising agency- and we all know that everyone in advertising is an affected, failed art student with a highly functional drug habit, right? Even the ones who get one of their own employees to manage the Twitters and the Facebooks, there is only one employee who probably isn’t being paid much to deal with your complaint.  And all any of them can do is escalate your complaint to the same people…

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