Social media is making us less social

Branch Ruminations

IMG_2712 Shhh! I’m checking my Twitter feed

The intelligentsia love to bemoan the infiltration of technology into our lives, mocking our addiction to the online world.

Largely it’s a generational thing, with the wrinklies among us posting article after essay after letter-to-the-editor, whining about the immersion of ‘youth’ in i-devices.

And certainly the images are eyebrow-raising.  Groups of gorgeous young things sprawled in a group on the grass, each engrossed in the contents of their phone rather than their physical companions. Or a family seated together at the theatre, waiting for the curtain to rise, all heads down, all thumbs furiously tapping.

While at face value this may well seem anachronistic, anti-social, anti-human behaviour, actually it is not.

Take a closer look. Often that group on the grass is sharing a laugh at the same Youtube clip, or working on a meme to poke fun at the last lecture they endured…

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