No, People Are Not Leaving Facebook In Droves For Ello


Ello is not the second-coming of Facebook and Facebook users are not leaving the social network giant in droves. How do I know this? Those with a shiny new Ello profile are posting about it on Facebook.

Despite the promise of an ad free network and the chance to name yourself whatever you want, people don’t up and leave a network that works for them without some big incentive. Bragging that you got an invite isn’t enough.

The drag community may have some incentive to leave at this point. Facebook still refuses to let queens keep their chosen stage names and has given them a grace period to change their profile pages to their birth names or face profile deletion. But despite other reports that say the LGBT community is somehow leading the charge behind the sudden rise in Ello’s popularity, this simply isn’t true. None of the drag queens I spoke to…

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