Is there anything worse

Is there anything worse then writing a great post then losing it?

To not have saved the post and now it is lost somewhere in cyber space.

I hope somewhere someone read it and it is not lost forever.


There are two types of peoplein your office

I am sure we all come across a lot of different personality types in the office.

In my years of research I have come to realize there are only two types.

People who settle in and the people who constantly need attention.

The first group when they entered in the new environment took it all in. They learned the rules and then just settled in.

The latter group I have found is the opposite. Once they entered into a new environment they never relaxed. Their constant need for reassurance and attention will always last.

Hence why I always avoid that group. I don’t have time for that.

Shifting blame

Naivety is no excuse when faced with a situation where someone you have a good relationship with tries to shift the blame on to you I have learned.

Choosing to be unaware that the people around you be it family, friends, or co-workers can often ‘throw you under the bus’ to protect themselves is in the end your mistake.

Unfortunately must lessons are learned after being burned once or twice. But in my case twenty times. My failing is I have a lot of faith in people. I didn’t spend my day wondering about the motivations of others because I never felt a need.

However, this changed once I received some pointed warnings about the people I interact with. That’s when I finally took stock of the situation I was in. All the stories I heard of people shifting the blame from themselves to others now make sense.

The example I will focus on is when people have nothing to lose (i.e. job security) and their is a guarantee they will be interacting with the same people for years. In this case I have found that these people shift the blame for any mistakes because they don’t want the legacy of the mistake to stay on them.

Better to maintain a certain image because people tend to make up their minds quickly and change it slowly.

While shifting the blame can happen in different circumstances the best course of action is to ignore it. It is better for the truth to shine through without interference.

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Why Tim Hortons is the best thing in Canada

This time of year Tim Hortons does “roll up the rim”. However, more often than not I win nothing despite buying a French Vanilla twice a week.

But just the chance of winning something is enough for me and my friends and family. Because as we talk about it within our group other people go to Tim Hortons in order to get involved in the story.

To be the one who wins something despite the odds. And I am looking forward to “liking” that post or retweeting it. Social media should spread good news.