Twitter files a “tweetstorm” of trademark applications


Twitter’s legal department has been busy filing trademark applications including one for the term “tweetstorm.”

Popularized by famed tech investor Marc Andreessen, a tweetstorm is the posting of a series of tweets, usually numbered, about one thought or idea. Because Twitter limits posts to only 140 characters, tweetstorms are a way of extending the conversation into a public soliloquy.

Andreessen, Netscape’s co-founder and currently a venture capitalist, does this regularly about Silicon Valley topics like the digital currency Bitcoin, economics and various technology topics. In some cases, his storms are more than 10 tweets long, the equivalent of War and Peace in Twitter’s fast-twitch universe.

While it’s entertaining to see Twitter use its legal muscle to trademark that term, it’s also not surprising because it contains the word “tweet” — meaning, a post on Twitter — in it. Trademark law requires companies to aggressively protect words and phrases…

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