Afraid Of Being ‘Found Out?’ How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome By Margie Warrell

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The Dirty Secret About Getting Older

The dirty little secret about getting older is after a certain point old professionals will struggle to get jobs.

Why is it?

Is it discrimination?

Is it a negative perception of job performance?

Is it because hiring managers prefer the less qualified?

Why is it?

The Irony of Harper’s Attack Ads

I apologize for the political content.

Come October 19th I will have nothing more to say so bear with me.

This Canadian election will go down in history as the first true election in social media.

Every ad and TV spot has been analyzed by teams of people by both sides all to convince people to vote for their candidate.

The irony I find in Harper’s attack ads is his whole point is Trudeau isn’t qualified to run Canada.

For years Harper has been using the tactics the Republicans tried to use against President Obama.

The irony I find is in this economy Canada is facing so many issues which has been caused by the generation unwilling to hand over control to the younger generation. The economy is suffering but no one wants to admit it. We are not investing in our youth. The consensus is later we can do this as adult children live off their senior parents.

The message that the younger generation is hearing is they don’t matter so they are tuning out. This can’t be a model we want to grow in our economy or political life.

This message that the older generation is losing control over technology, finances, and life but are becomingly dependent on younger people to bridge the gap.

We are at a tipping point. The economy will survive whoever wins the election but we are losing ground to innovation countries in the process.

Now is the time for a change. This can’t be put off any longer.

Do Team Building Events Produce Results?

Team building events in this economy is a luxury in this economy. One day or more devoted to building relationships can bring out the best and worst of people.

Most people will take the opportunity to lower their guard and interact with people they would not usually talk to.

There are a few people who dispute the opportunity will view the time as a day off and not learn anything at all.

In the end I believe team building events are not worth the time. Mainly because after these events after the glow of the events has left. Things go back to how it was before.