Canadian Tire / Boycott of Walmart

Things happen for a reason wouldn’t you know.

Shopping around is always the best option but so often I am lazy and didn’t want to.

Too many times I just walked into Walmart just to save time thinking this is the best option.

Only to find they didn’t have the best price and service. Only to find I didn’t receive the respect I deserve.

Case in point yesterday when I went into Walmart only to have the staff ignore me and the price for my items higher than Canadian Tire.

I knew there was a reason I didn’t get those items despite waiting in line for 30 mins.

It was because somewhere else had a better price.

So I am now boycotting Walmart, as I can live without it. Just not worth spending 30 mins in line surrounded by screaming babies and people with 30 items in the express line.

So I am now boycotting Walmart and I hope more people will join me.


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