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Why is disorganization is the norm? Because people can get away with it.


Writing block

Summer 2016 will be remembered for many things.

The unfortunate number of mass shootings as an example.

Personally it’s been hard to write because weather wise it has been perfect.

Warm and muggy which I love.

I hope where ever you are you are having a great summer.

Cadillac misses the point

Cadillac put on a ‘hilarious’ commercial ridiculing France for taking the month of August off.

Cadillac can’t say their vehicles are superior or better designed. No in order to reach their target market they instead play up how ‘hard-working’ the American people are.

Pride in all they do while everyone else is enjoying their life.

I’d rather have the month of August off and not buy a Cadillac.

Pumpernickel’s Sqaure One Mississauga location – Doesn’t know the meaning of Customer Service

Now I don’t like to be negative.

That’s a lie.

Now I don’t like to be mistreated.

That’s the truth.

Now I don’t enjoy having to complain about bad customer service.

But I will it I have too.

Pumpernickel Robert Speck location in Mississauga must realize hanging up on customer waiting for orders isn’t the best business practice.

And they must realize sending an order early doesn’t make up for rudeness.

You would think so buy I have been wrong a lot.

Who knew Zara was both overpriced and ignorant

When Zara came to Canada and started to open store I didn’t believe it would last.

The clothes in my opinion were nothing special and overpriced yet years later the company is still here.

So perhaps I am biased when I read about this story.

As a Black woman I naturally sensitive to discrimination based on race and gender. Discrimination should never take place period. Specially over something as personal as hair.

Over the years I have worked in several workplaces and I have luckily never had an issue when I had box braids.

I wouldn’t support Zara prior their clear discrimination and now I wouldn’t support them ever.