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Cadillac misses the point

Cadillac put on a ‘hilarious’ commercial ridiculing France for taking the month of August off.

Cadillac can’t say their vehicles are superior or better designed. No in order to reach their target market they instead play up how ‘hard-working’ the American people are.

Pride in all they do while everyone else is enjoying their life.

I’d rather have the month of August off and not buy a Cadillac.


Twitter looking to see if stickers are right for its future

Twitter may be jumping into the stickers game. The company is testing a new product called “Stickers” that will allow you to affix these graphics right onto any photo before you tweet them out. What’s more, it’s said that there’ll also be a feature that suggests other edits that have been made to the same photo, likely to encourage users to participate in furthering a meme.

Source: Twitter looking to see if stickers are right for its future

Creative Non-Profits

Non-profits have played a major role in my life.

In high school students like myself were required to do 40 hours of volunteer work.

The requirement is still ongoing and for more than a decade later I still volunteer.

However, even from my limited experience I can see the challenges for non-profits.

Fundraising has become more competitive and now with so many worthly causes vying for limited funds.

So when I came across Studio 89, a cafe in Mississauga, I was impressed with I read.

On their website they state “We try to be all sorts of awesome by providing fair trade, organic, bird-friendly and rain forest certifiedcoffee, and by providing other ethical and yummy treats and products! …The money you spend at Studio.89 goes towards the functioning of our community hub.”

Its worth taking the time to review their website you never know what you will learn.

What does Lowe’s and Walmart have in common?

What does Lowe’s and Walmart have in common?

Both claim to offer great service at great prices but they are failing in both regards.

In the case of Walmart I their customer service has always been lacking. Unmotivated staff and busy stores do not make a great combination.

However, with Lowe’s I was surprised at their terrible customer service. At Lowe’s the average purchase is in the thousands so you would expect a higher level of customer service.

Unfortunately that was not the case. In two circumstances with Lowe’s they failed to deliver my items on the correct day, failed to pick up the correct items, and failed to notify when they would arrive.

If you want a job done right I guess I have to do it myself.