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The Dirty Secret About Getting Older

The dirty little secret about getting older is after a certain point old professionals will struggle to get jobs.

Why is it?

Is it discrimination?

Is it a negative perception of job performance?

Is it because hiring managers prefer the less qualified?

Why is it?


Is your organization ready for the Pan Am games?

The Pan Am games have been years in the making.

News reports, articles, websites all covering the biggest sporting event in Toronto (and GTA’s (history).

But as we get closer to the beginning of the end the narrative has changed. It’s as though people finally realized the Pan Am games were happening in their Toronto not a far distant one. And that the current traffic, economic, political issues facing the GTA would only be magnified by Pan Am.

The organization I work for has made changes in how we operate during the Pan Am games. We have changed the meeting schedules to only between 10 am – 3 pm and on Fridays everyone works from home.

These practices while small will help everyone due with the extra stress from Pan Am. But only time will tell.