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Need I say more?

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Need I say more?


Blackberry Classic

Please note I am in no way affiliated with Blackberry.

Two months ago I upgraded to the new Blackberry Classic for various reasons.

Personally I work full-time, volunteer with two organizations, run three Twitter and WordPress accounts and two Facebook and Tumblr accounts. Personally I enjoy the feel of a physical keyboard so I have used Blackberry since I switched from a Samsung.

What I have found is people I interact with whether at a bank, bar, or library always stop and ask me questions about the new Blackberry Classic.

The comments range between “I love your phone” to ” I used to have a Blackberry” and once they use my phone they really enjoy the features.

At the very least the Blackberry Classic is a conversation starter and a great phone.

Why Tim Hortons is the best thing in Canada

This time of year Tim Hortons does “roll up the rim”. However, more often than not I win nothing despite buying a French Vanilla twice a week.

But just the chance of winning something is enough for me and my friends and family. Because as we talk about it within our group other people go to Tim Hortons in order to get involved in the story.

To be the one who wins something despite the odds. And I am looking forward to “liking” that post or retweeting it. Social media should spread good news.

Social Media Unplug

New Years Resolutions are still on the minds of people and the must common one according to the Daily Mail is to unplug from social media.

While I applaud the effort to make a positive changes in life I am also reminded of the fact that 88% of new years resolutions fail.

Basically like the resolution to lose 10 pounds, give up smoking, and others, the challenge to unplug from social media is doomed for failure even before the person has begun.

What is the better way?

Instead of unpluging the better way is to simply turn off the wifi. Creating the habit of turning off and turning on wifi means there is access to the desired information but also a delay in getting the information.

Perhaps having the few seconds will allow people the moment to wonder “is it really that important I know that status update from my best friend” or “do I need to know that score when my team is already in the playoffs?”

Maybe to  limit our use of social media we first have to question whether we are really gaining anything by knowing everything in real time.