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Blackberry Classic

Please note I am in no way affiliated with Blackberry.

Two months ago I upgraded to the new Blackberry Classic for various reasons.

Personally I work full-time, volunteer with two organizations, run three Twitter and WordPress accounts and two Facebook and Tumblr accounts. Personally I enjoy the feel of a physical keyboard so I have used Blackberry since I switched from a Samsung.

What I have found is people I interact with whether at a bank, bar, or library always stop and ask me questions about the new Blackberry Classic.

The comments range between “I love your phone” to ” I used to have a Blackberry” and once they use my phone they really enjoy the features.

At the very least the Blackberry Classic is a conversation starter and a great phone.

Why Tim Hortons is the best thing in Canada

This time of year Tim Hortons does “roll up the rim”. However, more often than not I win nothing despite buying a French Vanilla twice a week.

But just the chance of winning something is enough for me and my friends and family. Because as we talk about it within our group other people go to Tim Hortons in order to get involved in the story.

To be the one who wins something despite the odds. And I am looking forward to “liking” that post or retweeting it. Social media should spread good news.

If Snapchat is the future of Social Media we have a lot of problems

If Snapchat is the future of Social Media we have a lot of problems.

The main problem I see is we giving the next generation and current generations the false impressions. Mainly that our actions can be temporary or erased or done anonymously.

Everything we do online can be tracked back to the original person no matter how we try to hide.

Therefore if people need the security in knowing there will be no lasting effects from their actions maybe they shouldn’t do it. Or accept the responsibility when something does go wrong.

Nothing in life is guaranteed. And I would hate to see people’s lives ruined by actions they knowingly take. Just keep in mind all the actions we do unintentionally that can do that for us.