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Burned relationships: Is there ever away back

Linkedin reveals more than means the eye.

Looking at the competitor’s profile on Linkedin I saw a trend which I never considered before.

Out of the twenty employees listed on their page the vast majority had only been with the company less than 2 years.

While on further research I confirmed that at least 70% of the 100 employees had been with the company I will call “OUTgoods” less than two years. This came as a big surprise given the position of “OUTgoods” in the industry.

They are a small company in a competitive market but have held up against larger companies with more resources. But how is that possible?

After speaking to some people the secret of their success in being competitive and failure at being people is the same. OUTgoods philosophy is high intensity work environment and quick turn around.

While this can result in great success and stressful situations. These stressful situations when done in a small company can have long lasting consequences. With no place to hide burning relationships it seems only has the natural conclusion of people leaving after two years.

How long can a company maintain this?

Lifetime Employment

Over the course of my career I have been laid off, downsized, and let go. No matter how it was done, the feeling of being terminated from a job lingers for some time.

This then is followed by the process of finding another position. Interview after interview spent rationalizing the state of my resume all with a smile on my face.

What are the alternatives? Starting my own company is always something I could pursue. But the more likely alternative is staying at a company for decade after decade. While for many people that would be an ideal situation and I applaud them for that.

However, despite the ups and downs of my career I have learned so much from my hardships. These lessons will trying have enriched my life and made my life better.

So given the choice between lifetime employment or occasional employment hardships and personal growth I will always choice the latter. Not because there is something inherently wrong with lifetime employment or that it doesn’t offer chances for personal growth.

The choice I am making and have always made is to follow the path less taken with all the twists and turns accompanying it.