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What does Lowe’s and Walmart have in common?

What does Lowe’s and Walmart have in common?

Both claim to offer great service at great prices but they are failing in both regards.

In the case of Walmart I their customer service has always been lacking. Unmotivated staff and busy stores do not make a great combination.

However, with Lowe’s I was surprised at their terrible customer service. At Lowe’s the average purchase is in the thousands so you would expect a higher level of customer service.

Unfortunately that was not the case. In two circumstances with Lowe’s they failed to deliver my items on the correct day, failed to pick up the correct items, and failed to notify when they would arrive.

If you want a job done right I guess I have to do it myself.


The Canadian Retail Market

The Canadian Retail Market has gone through many ups and downs.

From the loss of Biway, Eatons, XS Cargo, Zellers, and Target it seems like nothing lasts anymore.

It seems that instead of learning from the mistakes of the before mentioned companies, Walmart is following their footsteps.

For the past couple of years I have seen the quality and service at Walmart decline as the number of their stores increases.

How long till it catches up with them?