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Blackberry Classic

Please note I am in no way affiliated with Blackberry.

Two months ago I upgraded to the new Blackberry Classic for various reasons.

Personally I work full-time, volunteer with two organizations, run three Twitter and WordPress accounts and two Facebook and Tumblr accounts. Personally I enjoy the feel of a physical keyboard so I have used Blackberry since I switched from a Samsung.

What I have found is people I interact with whether at a bank, bar, or library always stop and ask me questions about the new Blackberry Classic.

The comments range between “I love your phone” to ” I used to have a Blackberry” and once they use my phone they really enjoy the features.

At the very least the Blackberry Classic is a conversation starter and a great phone.


Dealing with problematic people in the workplace

Dealing with problematic people in the workplace isĀ an art form.

People who spend their time looking to undermine other employees have the advantage of deniability.

Problematic people usually have a large network of people willing to deny their pity, destructive behaviour because people always protect their own.

My best advice is once the dust is clear to leave an organization that allows people to cause issues without out recourse. Time is short and being in the presence of people out to get you because of their own emotional issues is a waste of time. And besides you already went through that experience in high school.